Basic Sports Betting Strategies

Starting out in the world of sports betting can be a bit daunting for beginners. There are so many options, so many markets, so many degrees of risk and options to choose between. Of course the goal of betting is to come away with profit, to make money from your endeavors. The more that you find yourself immersed in the world of sports betting the the more likely it is that you are going to find yourself running on some kind of betting strategy, whether you're realize it or not. Here are some beginner betting strategies to consider. The Martingale System This is probably the most famous betting strategy, and something that most bettors will see some value in. This is w

Undestanding Sports betting Odds & Risk

What is the real risk involved in sports betting? Basically you are put up your hard earned money on a bet and you want to know just how likely it is to get some winnings back. The first thing to really understand is that there is a risk involved. the degree of it just changes with your bet selection. Even if you are looking at a heavy odds-on favorite team to win a match, you are still running the risk of that side losing. Even the greatest teams and players in the world have off-days and are subject to a shock upset So don’t go thinking that there is such a thing as a sure-fire winner. They don’t exist. Some options are more likely to win than others, but there is always a degree of

Basic Sports Betting Types and Rules

Basic Bet Types To get started with sports betting there is an essential need to know the basics. Knowing the basics of betting really doesn’t boil down to anything less than understanding the different basic bet types which are available out there. Here we take a look through five different types of the most common bets that you could be playing in a sportsbook when starting out. Win Single This is the most common bet placed across all sports. Why? Because it is straightforward. Whether you are having a bet on a soccer match, a tennis match, a cricket match, it doesn’t matter. Simply head to the match outright market and select who you think the winner will be (or a draw option