Finding online sports bookmaker


It isn’t that hard to find an online sports bookmaker that will fill your needs for betting. There are also many out there though, that you do want to be sure of getting on your side that not only offers value, but also the services that will enhance your experience as well. The best way to pick out your first online sports bookmaker is to look for the bigger names, the ones which carry a lot of history, and have a high standing in the industry. There are the ones that will generally have stronger market prices across their entire sportsbook, and ones that are easiest to deal with from a customer service prospective

The More the Merrier

Remember that while you can only hold one account a particular online sports bookmaker, you can have an account with several different bookmakers. The point of what? Well, it does give you the luxury to shop around and compare a few operators for the best value odds on a particular market. and of one has a feature that another doesn’t then you are going to have blanket coverage of everything

Welcome Bonuses

There are also welcome bonuses to take advantage at most bookmakers. The majority of operators will offer some kind of free bet as an incentive to sigh up with them. Remember that this is just a tool that they use to lure customers and while they are there to take advantage of, don’t necessarily be blinded by an attractive welcome bonuses. Think more about the long term service and value that you are getting from the operator. Most bonus amounts will have to be played through several times before you can withdraw.


There are a lot of features that really enhance online betting. There is the ever-popular live in-play betting where you can strike wagers on a match as it is in progress. This is a brilliant and dynamic way of sports betting. Other features that bookmakers offer are live sports streams and cash out options to try and consolidate a bet before an event has finished. Scores, results and stats are all part and parcel of bookmakers, and don’t forget the value of promotions like Money Back Specials, which some bookmakers excel at more than others. If you can ever take insurance on a bet, snap it up!.


The sportsbook is really what defines the service of an online operator. Some questions to ask yourself while browsing around for a bookmaker, is how extensive is the sportsbook? Does it cover the more niche sports as well as the major ones, if that is what you are looking for? Does it offer good bet variety for a sporting event (for example, a top scorer match could have well over 50 markets on offer)? Is it easy to navigate and quick to operate? Are odds clearly presented and is the betting slip functional? This is the area of the site where you will be spending most of your time. You need to feel comfortable there.

Customer Service

One big aspect of picking out an online bookmaker for yourself, and something which often gets overlooked because of the lure of flashy promos and welcome bonuses, is the level of customer service. You want to know that you can contact the operator easily, if you ever have an issue with anything from operation to your account management. Can you contact them 24/7? What are the methods of contact that are available?


All in all, looking for an online bookmaker doesn’t have to be a particularly arduous thing. Most average and casual bettors will be aptly served by opening accounts with the major players in the industry. They are the ones which generally tick most, if not all of the boxes.

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